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Wedding Couples

Your first dance is a Special Moment!  We know how important your wedding day is and we want to help make it even more special. Our instructors can help you learn a few basic steps or choreograph the whole dance.  This is a great way to have fun and relax, enjoying some time together while learning how to dance.  Let Dance Fever, Inc. help you take your first steps in harmony.

Wedding Dance Classes               - Currently not running as a group class

In early spring we have a Wedding Group Class that covers a wide range of dances.  Typically the class runs 12 weeks and covers Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Country 2 Step, Rumba, and Night Club 2 Step.  This is a great way to learn so that you can dance to every style of music played at your wedding. This class is open to anyone, not just those getting married. However we request only couples in this group class.


If you would like information on the classes, please let us know.



                   Will run only by request and if students form their own class.

The class will run 12 weeks.  It will be priced as a Private Group ($55 for the first 2 people and $11 for each person after, and you share that)

(Example pricing:  5 couples = 143 per lesson  (55 for the first 2 people + 11/pp for the other 8:  55 + 88)    143/5 = $28 per couple   This way everybody gets a discount off the Private Lesson rate!)


Please call for more information or questions, .  406-254-9595

If you are getting married and would like to work on a Wedding Dance, please call for more information.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are always an option for Wedding Couples and are recommended for your "Special Dance". These are scheduled by appointment, so you can arrange the classes to best fit your busy schedule. 

You can learn general dancing so you can dance to many songs at your reception, and/or just spend time in Private lessons to build your Special Dance. We’ll start by helping to find a song (if you do not already have a favorite), then choose the dance that best fits the music. From there, you can either choose to learn just a few steps or a fully choreographed routine, to make you shine on your Special Day!

Just remember to start early. It takes time and practice to make the dance comfortable. And you don’t want to still be learning the last few weeks before the wedding. Depending of what kind of dance you want to learn, plan somewhere between 2 and 6 months before your wedding.

Private Lessons are also available for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance.


Need a Wedding Planner?

Try as As You Wish Wedding and Event Planning, Faith at 406-647-9056.







1)  Plan early.  Lessons are hard to fit into your schedule, especially as the big day approaches.  As dance takes some getting used to, starting your lessons now, and feeling comfortable with dance ahead of time, will alleviate stress as the day approaches.  And when you are ready to dance your first dance, it will feel very comfortable and familiar. You will enjoy the moment, instead of worrying about what your feet are doing.

2)  Music.  Planning early means picking out music if you are going to do a routine.  Use your favorite song, or the first song you ever danced to, or maybe  the song that was playing when you were engaged.  We will find the dance style that best fits your music and then choreograph the dance so it looks the way you want it to look.

3)  Figure out what type of music you are going to want played at your reception.  (You may need to talk to the DJ or the band).  Then Dance Fever, Inc. can help you learn dances to match your music.  If you want, bring the whole bridal party in to learn also! Planning on doing general lessons for awhile just to get used to dancing is a great way to be able to dance at your reception and Your Special Dance, plus it helps you get used to dance before starting your Private lessons.

If time doesn’t permit you to learn more than your 1st dance, go in as soon as you can and work on your 1st routine.  Plan 2-6months ahead of the Wedding date.

4) Make it fun. Nobody knows what you planned except you and your teacher.  If you don’t do it the way it was planned, oh well, have fun, smile and keep moving and nobody will be the wiser.

5)  Dancing is a lifelong commitment.  Dont stop dancing because the pressure is off.  Go back and learn more just for two of you.  Make it a date night!   The accomplishments and rewards are amazing.

6)  Dancing is like a marriage.  It reflects your marriage, in the everyday give and take situations.  It is working together to create one movement, one goal, in harmony.  It takes work and dedication.  It is a beautiful gift to give to each other.  Make the 1st dance reflective of your new life together.




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